Urbex 2017

Breendonck, Willebroek, Belgium

In the early 20th century, the need was felt to create a new line of fortified defence to protect the port and city of Antwerp. During the Second World War, the Fort became officially a transit camp for the SS. In total, around 3500 persons, including around thirty women, were held in prison. More information: Breendonck Memorial.

Gare de Hombourg, Hombourg, Belgium

In 1983 the station was sold. The tracks were rebuilt in 1999 by the present owner of the station with the aim of running a tourist train and an railway museum.

Montzen-Station, Belgium

Build in 1915 by Russian prisoners in 1915 for the German army and abandoned in 1998.

Cemetery of the insane, Lanaken, Belgium

Tucked away in the middle of nowhere in Belgium is a cemetery, which was exclusively used between 1921 and 1981 to bury patients from a nearby Asylum. About 1750 patients were buried here up until the cemetery was abandoned in the mid 1980s.